DAEHEUNG PUMP SYSTEMS is specializing designing, manufacturing and installing Self-priming Engine Pumps    and fire water pumps in Korea.
Since starting life in 1999, DAEHEUNG has now become one of the leading water pump manufacturers in Korea by constantly developing new technology and improving the quality of its products.
These continued efforts have helped us develop an excellent reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. To become a major industrial player in the 21st century, we are expanding our international partnerships by increasing overseas investments and offering a first-class product range with various patents.
For the best quality products throughout the entire process to a structured quality assurance system ISO, CE conducts rigorous QA activities and the best water pump companies are striving to become.
We promise that we are going to try our best to be a company which makes others trust us with the constant development of technology, and with the pure and honest mind. 

Thank you.

All the workers present